Electromechanical Engineer

Amedee NIGAHEZAGIRE is the current Electromechanical Engineer at UDL. He has an oversight responsibility on the construction sites to ensure equipment efficiency, schedule maintenance, manage equipment installations, ensure total safety for the teams and generally to ensure that the systems and processes are working well and in accordance with the company policies, government regulations and safety standard laws.

Prior to this, he worked as Mechanical Engineer at Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA) in various construction projects and Estate Manager & Tea Machinery at National Agriculture Export Development Board (NAEB).

Amedee has about 12 years of experience in construction industry as well as in industrial engineering implementation projects and consultancy. His passion is to contribute in the promotion of green, smart and wellness technologies in the construction industry specifically in commercial buildings and real estate development in Rwanda.

Amedee is a certified Electromechanical Engineer and a member of the Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER). He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, Electromechanical Engineering Option from the University of Burundi. He is also a holder of Galileo Certificates in Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Solar Photovoltaic system, Renewable Energy Management & Finance and Renewable Energy Solutions from the European Centre for Technology- The Renewable Energy Institute/ Scotland-Glasgow